Facing the Wall

After an eBay purchase of 96,000 lbs. of Pennsylvania field stone, the arrival of two large trucks (one flatbed, one box), and lots of work by Walter, Pedro and Brandy, the side of the upper wall that faces Francis Oaks Way is now faced ... and the neighbors are friendlier.

Photos from January - February 2003:

  Stone arrives.

  Brandy posing with the stone & snow.

  This is what 96,000 lbs. of Pennsylvania field stone looks like.

  What once was steel ...

  is now faced with stone.

  Comin' 'round the bend ...

  making the first turn ...

  and on up the hill.

  Almost at the top.

Facing the last section ... Brandy, Pedro & Walter.


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Last Update: 1 June 03