The Apt. June 2000

THE UNIT (before)
aka 'the apartment' ... 'the annex' ... 'home'

The original plan was buy the property and build. Then the stock tanked. So ... change of plans. We started work on the apartment.

February 2002:

March - July 2002:

July 2002:

THE UNIT (after)

bold terra-cotta & pale shadow

January - February 2003:

March - 31 May 2003:


14 July 2002: First night sleeping in our place, on our property. Only took us 2 years, 1 month and 6 days.

15 July 2002: Gave up the old rental. We now officially live at 15460 Francis Oaks Way. There's a toilet but no sink. Kitchen doesn't exist. Shower is in the shop.

17 July 2002: We now have a working sink in the bathroom.

18 July 2002: More circuits turned on ... we now have a working refrigerator.

1 August 2002: Our bathroom now has a door.

1 August 2002: Mmmm ... comfy leather couch. Finally, a place to sit.

3 August 2002: New desk for me. Thank you, Target.

7 August 2002: TV! Something to do while sitting on the comfy leather couch.

9 August 2002: Grady cuts the kitchen counter for the half the kitchen.

16 August 2002: Kitchen! The counter is in; the stove and oven are working. (The other half of the kitchen remains unfinished.)

21 August 2002: First home-cooked meal: Lemon Pepper Chicken and Corn-on-the-Cob.

November 2002: Grady starts putting fiberglass in the master bathroom. Someday we'll be able to take a shower without walking across the yard first.

January - February 2003: More kitchen cabinets and counter space.

March 2003: Tiling in the shower begins ...

1 June 2003: 10 1/2 months after moving in ... we have a shower!!


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