Poison Oak
Over 1/4 acre of the dirt is covered in poison oak.

So ... you want to know about Poison Oak?

Dec 2000: We've hired some guys to remove our poison oak patch (and the vines climbing the trees). They'll be starting in January 2001. They say it will take 4 men 3 weeks to remove the poison oak. They'll be picking it out by the roots and offer a one-year guarantee. If it comes back, they'll come back.

Jan 2001: Maurilio and team started removing the poison oak just after New Year's as planned. However, not part of the plan were complaints by the neighbors. They were fearful that removing the poison oak prior to the rainy season would cause the hill to wash away. So, Grady met with with a ranger from the Parks Department (conveniently called by our neighbors) and came up with a new plan. We can clear the poison oak above ground - but will have to wait to pull up the roots until after April 15. The parks guy did give us the "OK" to remove brush and other crap (i.e., the pool) from the property. You can see some of the pictures at The Dirt.

15 Apr 2001: The moratorium is over! Let the poison oak removal begin!

26 May 2001: The removal begins after some neighbor delays and confirmation from the head of the parks department and the town engineer that we do NOT need a permit. Read a bit more detail on the Who Did Grady Meet? page.

June 2001: The poison oak is gone! Well, mostly. Grady walks the property each week and sprays the lil' guys who are trying to come back with roundup.

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Last Update: 29 Sept 01