Tonka Toy
Grady and his skid loader.

When we closed escrow in June of 2000, the dirt was overgrown with poison oak and full of trash. Follow along as we remove bits and pieces, discover lost treasures, and make additions and modifications to the dirt.

Look what we bought:

And the work begins:

January 2001: No more pool, shack, or "cabana" ... and slightly less poison oak.

May 2001: It's tree planting season at Playfaire. Grady's purchased over 50 trees including: Live Oaks, Redwoods, Incense Cedar, Iron Bark, and California Pepper Trees.

June 2001: Grady's planted over half of the trees (with the help of Maurilio and team). The Redwoods are in two groups of 6 ... one group at the top of the lower hill next to the large pine and the other group at the bottom of the upper hill. Many of the Iron Barks and California Pepper trees are planted along the lower hill next to Blossom Hill Rd. While the Incense Cedars are nestled in a lil' group at the top of the upper hill close to our neighbors' mailbox. (The Cedars should grow nice and strong to block the view when checking the mail.) Along the upper hill, next to Francis Oaks Way, are now 17 new Live Oaks. Pictures posted soon.

Note: This summer we'll be focusing on planting trees, putting in a sewer, and building a small wall.

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Last Update: 29 Sept 01