Cars ... New Zealand Litter #3

This should be the last of 'em. Two Bambinos, Three Mokes, One Barchetta, One Ute, multiple Mini engines and, not sure why, but lots of old tires ... all unloaded at Drew's place in Napa.

Photos from February 2003:  Day 1 | Day 2

Day 1

  The trailer arrives.

  A peek inside.

  Oops ... shoulda put wood under the feet.

  Trying out the Beringer forklift.

  Lifting the car down ...

  then roll the car off..

  Bambino #2.

  Moke #1.

  Moke #2.

  Cars resting in the barn for the night.

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Day 2

  Uh ... tires?

  Dragging engines.

  Removing blocking.

  Moke #3.

  Cool bumper sticker.

  The Barchetta.

  Comin' down.

  Weeee ...

  Vroom Vroom.

  Heave ... there are a couple engines in the bed.

  The Ute.

  Low ... Ri ... Der

  Got wood?

  A 'couple' of extra engines.

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