The Shower

After 10 months and 15 days of sneaking out the front door and behind the redwood fence ... walking across the yard (running a bit when it was wet or particularly cold) ... just 7 months after the fiberglassing began ... just 6 weeks shy of our 1 year anniversary of living here ... we now can take a shower inside our home.

Photos from March - 31 May 2003:

  Fiberglass finished and the tiling begins. Ceiling first ...

  then mapping the floor outline ...

  and up the wall a bit.

  Back to the ceiling, a diamond pattern emerges.

  Ceiling tile awaits grout.

  Back to the wall.

  Time for the grout ... this took much longer than expected.

  Tile in the shower is complete!

  The wall ...

  the floor ...

  the ceiling ...

  A premature kick-back in the tub.

  Shower lighting ... an outdoor light from Home Depot.

  Tub fawcett in place.

  Feeling left out of the tub experience AKA Grady checking for leaks.

  Bring on the shower.



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Last Update: 1 June 03