The Unit: Rebuilding ... Kitchen | Living Room | Hall Bath

Kitchen ...

Checking the fit of the new stove, dishwasher and sink base.

A brand new wall! Inside: all new electrical, gas and plumbing.

Yes, those are CDs.

Butcher block counter top compliments of Grizzly. It's sold as a workbench top.

The sink installation begins.

It's a fit.

The cabinet hanging begins.

The microwave came from Peter & Jenni's house. They bought a new one to match their appliances and the 'old' one worked for us.

Our new dishwasher.

Oooh ... ahhh ...

Our new dual-fuel range.

Gas burners ...

Electric oven.

Looking like a kitchen.

The kitchen sink ...

Is the sink ...

That we found in the yard.

The faucet delivers ready-to-drink water thanks to a charcoal filter Grady installed outside.

Voila! Half the kitchen is done. (We completed this half after we moved in. The other half still waits.)

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Living Room ...

After all new electrical, internet wiring, gas lines ... brand new insulation goes in throughout the house.

New sheetrock starts to go up.

The walls are taller than 8 ft. so all the walls are pieced together with creative cutting of the sheetrock.

The longest wall in the place.

The most uneven wall in the place.

We have walls. Drywall sucks.

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Hall Bathroom

We reused the sink that was here when we bought the place.

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Last Update: 20 Dec 02