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Moving In ... was hell.

This is nothing. We also moved cars, machinery and a 9' x 11' casita.

The 'laundry room' garage before ...

... and after.

Throw the stuff anywhere.

The living-dining-office-room will do.

We just have to get it moved.

Rest time.

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Living here ...It's not done yet, but it's home.

The hands were an anniversary gift from mom ... and they now have a home (much to our neighbor's chagrin).

The 'entry hall.'

Open the door and be greeted by 'Francisco Toledo.'

Head to the right to see'Rufino Tamayo.'

Our housewarming purchase -- a leather couch. It was time to say good by to the 1968 8-footer.

The couch fits right in with the rimu coffee table and the African hippo. Only Hypto is in this pic. Klepto sits by Grady's desk.

My 'office.'

Grady's 'office.' The dining room is right behind him.

From the dining room slider onto the 'veranda.'

The other slider goes into the bedroom.

The hall.

The hall bathroom.

Now with sink, mirror and lights.

Plus artwork.

Sheila bought this poster for me at a market in Shanghai. A trip to University Art and *poof* a frame.

Back to the kitchen ... and the tour begins again.

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