The Unit: Demolition ... Kitchen | Living Room | Entry Hall | Hall Bath | Master Bath

Kitchen ...

The old kitchen aka 'the before picture.'

Lovely dark brown cabinets and black plastic counter tops.

Wasted space with minimal cabinets.

Removal of the old stove.

The stairs run underneath here so only a short stove fits. We'll be putting a sink here instead.

Removing the old sink and the dishwasher. A slide-in range will go where the sink used to be.

The old sheetrock.  Ewww.

The 'cooking' side of the kitchen.

The 'storage' side of the kitchen.

Sheetrock removal begins.

Exposing the full wall  ... part one.

Part two.

Part three.

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The Living Room ...

Our heater and a small patch of new floor. Eventually we'll have wall-to-wall parquet flooring.

The walls come down ...

Shoving everything to the center of the room ...

Demolition continues ...

No wonder we couldn't punch through the sheetrock.

Clean, stripped walls. Part one.

Part two.

Part three.

Part four.

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Entry Hall

The entryway into the unit ... sans door.

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Hall Bath

The view from the kitchen, through the bathroom, through the closet, into the entry hall.

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Master Bath

First we had to remove the plants.

Grady ordered most of these seeds from Australia and New Zealand.

  Many of these seeds are now decent sized plants and trees in our yard.

Removed the old tub/shower. There never was a toilet or vanity.

Removed the walls, too. This is the view from the inside of the bedroom closet.

Oh, and removed the floor. Grady put it back with a slight slope for a floor drain.

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Last Update: 15 Dec 02